22.12.2010 Looking Back, Looking Ahead. An Interview with Lukasz

How would you sum up the season 2010?

It was a very special one. For the first time in my life I played all Grand Slams in MD singles and doubles, it was a new experience for me playing all top tournaments, the schedule was pretty busy, lots of travelling and matches.

What was your best match of the year and why?

Well, I wouldn't say the match, I would rather say I just had one best DAY! It was Friday, February 12th. I played 2nd round match of the Costa do Sauipe Tournament against Montanes (it was raining hard the day before, so the match was rescheduled for Friday) and I just swept him 62, 62, after some rest I went on court again and I continued with beating Fognini 63, 61 and after resting again I went to play doubles with Oli, and we won… :)

Which moment will stay with you and which would you rather forget and why?

Australian Open with all the Polish fans there (I had a soccer match atmosphere, I believe guys I can rely on your support soon), Costa do Sauipe tournament (pity, I had no more power for the finals) and the fact I would like to forget is my injury.

What will you take from this season and what would you change?

I would like to take the experience of playing top guys and I would like to change my schedule, I will play fewer tournaments.




What’s the plan for the off-season? Are you staying in Prague or going somewhere?

I'm staying in Prague and preparing for the next season.

What are you going to work on most before the next season starts?

I am working on my physical preparation.


Who's on yout team at the moment?

At the moment, my tennis coach is Jan Stoces, we dealed for the Australian Tour and I'm working on my physical shape with Ivan Machytka, also Lily – our physio, is in Prague to help me and Oliver.

>>Looking ahead<<


What are your hopes for the 2011 season?

To be healthy!

And what are your biggest fears?

I keep it for myself.


Who will you travel with next year?

This is open.


Thanks a lot!

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